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Friday, July 1, 2011


Ok, remember when I was talking about peyote and how cute she was? Well,I have bad news yesterday she died.We started to notice her being sick 1 month ago and she went to several visits to the vet.So we took her to the vet yesterday around 3:00 and they said she was fine but they were going to run more testes on her. My mom left peyote at the vet because the tests were going to take an hour.While we were home my mother had goten a call from the vet.While she was talking I could tell somthing was not good because she looked pale and looked upset.Afterward she told me that peyote had adisences desiease it is somthing you are born whith and can not be cured.Since the desiease would kill her. Mom let the vet put peyote to sleep.The next day she told me that we were going to get a new puppy but not right away.But it so happens that that night we found a bach of mastiffs puppys someone was selling not to far from were we lived.There were two brindle puppys and to neopoliten mastiffs all of them were girls with sky blue eyes.when I was chooseing which puppy to take home one of the six week old puppys crawled up to me looked at me and licked me. OUT OF ALL THE PUPPYS THE NEOPOLITEN PUPPY WAS THE ONLY ONE TO PAY ATTENTION TO ME. So I picked that one. She gets LOTS of lovins.

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