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Monday, January 9, 2012


It has been a long time since my last post,but I should be able to post now.Recently our new puppy,Cinder weighed about 75 pounds!She is now also pretty much house trained and is out of her cage more often then not.She is also starting to take her first walks around the neighborhood.

We have finished the unfinished side of our basement and turned it into a gaming room. We have TONS of games It almost cant fit on one shelf! Some games last and hour, some last for more than half a day, some are cooperative games,some are strategy games,some are simple games, and we also have very complex and challenging games. One of my favorite games is called Descent it is a very long and complex game that can get your heart racing! I have also recently been into paintball it is really fun it gets your adrenalin pumping.It is nice to shoot people and not get in trouble :). currently my gear is hanging above the floor in the game room it is hanging on the ceiling so that no small children will reach the gear.